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Course Title
Broadway Dance-Tap


This course provides the fundamentals of elementary tap dance technique. Emphasis is placed on sounds, rhythms, terminology, and body placement. Upon completion, students should be able to demonstrate significant progress in elementary tap skills.


  1. The student will learn to count music and apply it in a percussive manner to his/her feet.
  2. The student will learn to identify tap steps.
  3. The student will execute a full tap routine by the end of the semester.


A. The student will learn to execute the five basic tap steps: flap, shuffle, hop, leap, and step.

B. Putting these steps together, the student will learn standard tap steps: maxi ford, buffalo, Irish's, front and back essence and time step.

C. The student will complete a full tap routine by the end of the semester.



Method of Instruction

The teacher will demonstrate and the student will repeat.


  • The student will be able to execute a full jazz routine.
  • Class Participation: Regular attendance is imperative because this is a skills class.