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Film Editing I


This class will examine the use of digital editing as a tool for adding aesthetic and emotional elements to filmed narrative. The students will be led through a series of demonstrations and exercises with a common purpose: To help the student learn and understand editing techniques that serve to enrich the storytelling process. Upon completion of this course, students should understand the connection between creative editing and inspired narrative and have a basic understanding of advanced editing tools offered in Final Cut Pro Studio.


Students will review and be instructed in:

  1. The concept and elements of the non-linear timeline
  2. Using the Clip Bin/Browsers to effectively organize media elements
  3. Using digital Effects and Filters
  4. The use of Transitions as creative "mile markers"
  5. The application Motion elements
  6. The basics of Layering and Compositing
  7. Working with Graphic and Text layers
  8. Working with Music, Sound Effects, Sound "Sweetening" and learn the importance of syncing sound with action.


AAC 8010 (Exceptions may be allowed upon technical competency review by instructor)

Method of Instruction



Projects will be assigned and evaluated.