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Course Title
Basic Appraisal Principles


Explore the appraisal process through discussion of appraisal principles and practical examples. This course meets the pre-qualifying criteria, as established by the North Carolina Appraisal Board. This is the first course in the appraisal pre-licensing series and must be taken first.


Upon completion of this course students will have basic knowledge of the concepts, characteristics and legal issues of real property appraisal. They will have a better understanding of value and economics as well as ethical considerations in appraisal.


  1. The Appraiser and Public Trust
  2. The Nature of Real Estate
  3. Rights and Interests in Real Estate
  4. Legal Description of Real Estate
  5. Forms of Property Ownership
  6. Controls of Ownership
  7. Contracts, Leases, and Deeds
  8. The Nature of Value
  9. Market Value
  10. Influences on Real Estate Values
  11. Economic Principles
  12. Applied Economics in Real Estate
  13. Market Fundamentals
  14. Real Estate Math Basics
  15. Math Applications in Real Estate
  16. Measurements and Statistics
  17. Introduction to Financial Calculations
  18. Time Value of Money Concepts
  19. Analyzing Market Areas
  20. The Nature of Appraisals
  21. Appraisal Principles in Pratice
  22. Exam Content Review



Method of Instruction



Final Exam & Attendance Requirement: Students must make a grade of 80% or above on the Final Exam and attend 90% of the class to satisfactorily complete the course.