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Basic Appraisal Procedures


Enhance your basic appraisal knowledge with the various approaches to property valuation through the practical application of appraisal procedures. This course meets the pre-qualifying criteria, as established by the North Carolina Appraisal Board. Those seeking to become a Registered Trainee must complete APP 7201 prior to taking this course.


Upon completion of this course students will be able to apply the principles and concepts learned in Basic Appraisal Principles.  The course will take you step-by-step through the valuation process including identifying the problem, collecting and analyzing data, reaching a final opinion of value and communicating the appraisal. 



  1. The Valuation Procedures
  2. From Analysis to Solutions
  3. Introduction to Income Capitalization
  4. Income Capitalization Formulas
  5. Income and Expense Analysis
  6. application - Problem Solving
  7. Construction and Design Basics
  8. Introduction to the Cost Approach
  9. Components in Cost Analysis
  10. Estimating Cost - Complex Residential Example
  11. Commercial Costs and Depreciation Basis
  12. Applied Depreciation
  13. Land or Site Valuation
  14. Property Description
  15. Sales Comparison Approach
  16. Comparable Property Selection
  17. Adjustments
  18. Oak Street Case Study - Market Grid Application
  19. Oak Street Case Study - Sales Comparison (Market Grid Application, cont.)
  20. Reconciliation and Communication
  21. Exam Contract Review


APP 7201

Method of Instruction



Final Exam & Attendance Requirement: Students must make a grade of 80% or above on the final Exam and attend 90% of the class to satisfactorily complete the course.