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Market Analysis and Highest and Best Use


Students will gain the tools needed to properly collect and analyze market data and determine a property's highest and best use. This course meets the pre-qualifying criteria, as established by the North Carolina Appraisal Board. Those seeking to become a Registered Trainee must complete APP 7201 and APP 7202 prior to taking this course.


Upon completion of this course students will be able to demonstrate a basic knowledge of market fundamentals and market analysis, demonstrate a basic understanding of supply side analysis and demand side analysis, gain a general understanding of highest and best use and gain a general understanding of how to consider, test, and apply highest and best use.


  1. What Highest and Best Use Is
  2. How to Test for Highest and Best Use
  3. How to Report Highest and Best Use Analysis
  4. Definitions and Overview of Relationships
  5. Step 1-Property Productivity Analysis
  6. Step 2 - Market Delineation
  7. Steps 3 and 4 - Supply and Demand Analysis
  8. Math for Market Analysis
  9. Market Analysis in Action
  10. Practical Application in Highest and Bes Use Analysis. 
  11. Defining the Market: Chapter 2
  12. Analyzing the Market: Chapter 3
  13. Drawing Conclusions from the Market: Chapter 4
  14. Highest and Best Use: Chapter 5
  15. Land Use Restrictions: Chapter 6
  16. Economic Considerations: Chapter 7
  17. Final Highest and Best Use Analysis: Chapter 8


No prerequisite but student must have permission through course petition.

Method of Instruction



Final Exam & Attendance Requirement: Students must make a grade of 80% or above on the Final Exam and attend 90% of the class to satisfactorily complete the course.