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Course Title
NC Initial Safety Inspection


The Inspection Mechanic will be able to identify serious deficiencies that warrant a failure of the State’s Vehicle Safety Inspection.  The conscientious Inspection Mechanic is the first line of defense to ensure that vehicles operated upon the roads and highways of the State of North Carolina meet at least the minimum safety requirements.


The student will be able to achieve the following objectives in accordance with the information received during the instructional period:

1.List the areas inspector mechanics must check during a safety inspection.

2.Identify eight emission control devices installed by vehicle manufacturers.

3.Determine what emissions control devices are required on a vehicle by using the Emission Control System Applications Manual.

4.Calibrate and utilize headlight aimer.

5.Calibrate and utilize window tint meter.

6.Utilizing the safety inspection regulation manual the student shall be able to successfully complete a North Carolina State Safety Inspection.

7.Achieve a score of 80% or higher on a division approved written exam.



Method of Instruction

Lecture; actual safety inspection of a vehicle and testing.


            1.         Exam:  Yes, with a test score of 80 or better.

            2.         Demonstration of Skills: Yes

            3.         Class Participation:  No