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Course Title
Basic Oil Painting Techniques


Expand your creative talents as you enter the classical world of oil painting in this introductory class. You will learn much about method, technical skills, concepts, and context of painting with oils while creating still life and portrait paintings. Instructor critique will be invaluable  as your skills progress.


Upon completion of the course participants will be able to successfully complete a small oil painting using acquired materials, method, and technical skills. Students will also have a better understanding of the history of painting as a language, and the conceptual development of imagery.


Class 1: Orientation and logistics.
              Introduction of class and expectations.
              A brief history of painting as communication and the student’s
              place in that world.
              Supply list and questions will be discussed.

Class 2: Oil Painting demo. Preparing a design.
             Begin small still-life painting.

Class 3: Small still-life painting continued.

Class 4: Small portrait painting demo. Begin small portrait painting and/or
             continue still-life painting.

Class 5: Critique

Classes 6-8: Portrait painting/still life and critique



Method of Instruction

Demonstration of methods and techniques.
Handouts on ideas,
Design concepts, color, and perspective.


Exam:  No
Demonstration of Skills:  Yes
Class Participation:  Expected