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Inspired Collages


Learn how to develop mixed-media applications to enhance your collages as you  combine personal photos, memorabilia and various surface treatments to create meaningful artwork. Exploring various techniques, you will compose a finished piece using acrylic mediums, decorative papers and items that have special meaning to you.  This class offers opportunities to explore collage styles and self-expression. 


  • Explore composition while considering basic artistic elements.
  • Understand how fundamentals will affect the finished piece.                     
  • Use acrylic mediums to study color.
  • Create personal pieces using the collage techniques learned in class.




  1. Intro to collage terms; varying styles and techniques. 
  2. Color and acrylic media.
  3. Gathering of various materials and exploration of possible placements in the collages. 
  4. Application of materials to canvas boards to create a finished piece.



A desire to grow artistically by creating a collage that is meaningful to you.

Method of Instruction

Lecture, demonstration and hands-on, in-class participation.


  • Exam: No.
  • Demonstration of Skills: Yes, via completed project.
  • Class Participation: Yes, required.