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Drawing Techniques - I & II


In this expanded class, you'll gain the global skill of drawing, developing your confidence and ability to work in any medium with any subject. Drawing is your gateway to all the visual arts. In this class, focus on four basic skills: Sighting - (seeing and drawing angles and proportions), Shape, Shading, and Perspective. Follow step-by-step demonstrations, learning to draw various subjects and building skill as you go. Once you’ve learned these, you'll put them together and draw accurately. You’ll forever see and experience the world as an artist.


  • Understand the fundamentals of drawing such as: shapes, forms, contrasts, textures, light, direction, lines, and shadows and how these affect your finished work
  • Use drawing as a means of expression
  • Correct visual problems
  • Identify varying artistic styles and techniques
  • Portrait drawing
  • Still life drawing


1. Introduction to the various forms of expression

  • Terms used
  • Differing styles and techniques

2. Drawing

  • Observation and imagination

3. Visual Problems

  • Perception
  • Composition
  • Values

4. Application of Acquired Knowledge

  • Projects/Assignments
  • Displays
  • Critiques

Method of Instruction

  • Lecture, demonstration, and hands-on drawing


  • Exam: No
  • Class Participation: Yes
  • Demonstration of Skills: Yes