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Urban Sketching with Ink and Watercolor


Learn to really see what’s right in front of you as you learn the art of quick sketching in your journal using ink and watercolors. This is one of the best ways to remember a trip or outing, whether you’re in your home town or traveling to exciting world-wide destinations. With our gifted instructor, you'll work on campus and at other nearby locations. Beginners welcome!


  • Learn how to edit visual information, choose subject matter and create a journal composition
  • Learn basic drawing and watercolor techniques 
  • Develop confidence in sketching from life.  
  • Students will practice sketching a variety of subject matter in multiple classes


  • Materials overview; color wheel; basic drawing and watercolor techniques.
  • How to edit visual information, choose subject matter and create compositions.
  • Drawing - shape relationships and blind contours
  • Quick sketching with timed exercises.



  • None

Method of Instruction

  •      Lecture
  •      Instructor demonstrations
  •      Instructional handouts
  •      Group discussion
  •      One-on-one guidance and feedback
  •      Homework: weekly sketch assignments


  •     Exam: no
  •     Class participation: yes
  •     Class attendance: yes