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Basic Floral Designs


Express your creativity in the popular art of floral design!  You'll learn proper care/handling techniques, elements and principles of design and basic flower arranging skills as you create beautiful arrangements in fresh or silk flowers.  Bring supplies to make arrangements as you work under the guidance of our expert instructor, learning to condition fresh flowers, use floral foam, tape, wire and more. This fun and hands-on course is designed for beginners, but is open to all skill levels. This class is one in our 4-part series leading to the Floral Design Certificate. Strongly recommended supplemental text:  Flower arranging - Step-By-Step Instructions For Everyday Designs - Teresa P. Lanker.



  • Learn how to construct four different styles of arrangements: round, oval-horizontal, symmetrical and asymmetrical
  • Understand the basics mechanics and principles of design
  • Construct additional arrangements from basic floral designs for different occasions (wedding bouquets, party arrangements and funeral arrangements)


1. Introduction

  • Tools and supplies
  • Question cards
  • Diagram of round arrangement
  • Demonstration of round arrangement
  • Practice stem taping two gauges of wire

2. Review diagram of round arrangements

  • Assemble arrangements
  • Demonstration of grapevine wreath
  • Discuss types of wreaths (straw, foam)
  • Preview of oval-horizontal arrangements (diagram)
  • Stem mum (corsage)

3. Review diagram of oval-horizontal arrangements

  • Assemble oval-horizontal arrangements
  • Construct vase arrangements (oasis, tape grid, hand held)
  • Preview diagram symmetrical arrangements
  • Demonstrate how to make a bow
  • Practice making bows

4. Review diagram of symmetrical arrangements

  • Assemble symmetrical arrangements
  • Demonstrate garlands (paddle wire)
  • Discuss wedding bouquets and supplies
  • Demonstrate how to secure a cascade
  • Discuss reception arrangements (space bars)
  • Preview asymmetrical arrangements
  • Practice making a bow

5. Review asymmetrical arrangements

  • Make asymmetrical arrangements
  • Construct a corsage
  • Demonstrate corsage (glued)

6. Discuss cemetery arrangements (vase, saddle)

  • Demonstrate how to pleat a heart and cross
  • Demonstrate how to cover with flowers (heart)
  • Create a designer choice arrangement






Method of Instruction

Demonstration, lecture, and class participation


  • Exam: No
  • Class Participation: Yes
  • Demonstration of Skills: Yes