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Floral Certificate Part 2: Intermediate Floral Designs


In this exciting and information-packed class, you will expand on skills learned in Basic Floral Designs. You'll learn vital skills as you delve more deeply into the use of color, texture, mechanics and containers that are used in the art of floral design. This class is the SECOND in our 5-part series leading to the Floral Design Certificate. NOTE: Intermediate Floral and Master Floral classes can be attended in either order.
Students are responsible for purchasing floral supplies for class each week.


In this class you will:

  1. Develop an understanding of the art of floral design
  2. Learn color theory
  3. Learn additional skills in the care, cutting and grooming of floral materials
  4. Learn the mechanics of good design in different sizes and shapes of containers



1.  Care and handling of flowers and how they are shipped
2.  Correct methodology for processing buckets, coolers and tools
3.  Handling hard-stemmed and soft-stemmed flowers
4.  Mechanics needed for different types of containers
5.  Elements of design:vertical, vegetated, Hogarth curve
6.  Color theory- primary and secondary (use of color wheel)
7.  Warm colors vs cool colors, blocking, monochrome, monochromatic,
     hues,tints and tones
8.  Use of accessories: feathers, lotus pods, rocks, etc.
9.  The hardware store: a floral designer's friend!
10. Bows and ribbons: making bows out of multiple sized ribbons/textures
11. Tablescaping: coordinating the entire look of the table; tablecloth,
     flowers, place setting, etc.
12. European hand-tied design, spiral hand-tied design

Final project: Using all learned course content, create an arrangement using your choice of style, container, flowers, etc. and execute it to the best of your ability- see if the instructor is able to recognize the type of design



AVO 8573- Basic Floral Design
If a student hasn't completed AVO 8573, he/she may register for AVO 8602 as long as he/she is also registered for or in the process of attending AVO-8573.
Please contact Program Developer for clarification if needed.

Method of Instruction

Lecture, hands-on demonstration and participation


Class participation, attendance