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Cartooning and Comic Strips: From Storyboards to Storybooks


Use your sense of humor and imagination as you learn creative cartooning.  Gain skills in drawing, layout design and comic strip writing.  Students will have the opportunity to share their work for feedback and connections via critiques to generate conversation and suggestions for improvement.  This class will be taught step-by-step starting with simple line drawings; moving to figure drawings, animals and more detailed subjects. The final goal of the class will be to create a comic book or a story, told in cartoon form and possibly printed as a small book. Also, included will be the opportunity to create animation with apps using iPhone, iPad and other devices for instant results.

Please note:  All references and drawings will be of non-violent images.


Upon completion of the class, the motivated student will be able to:

  • Learn the art of cartooning
  • Master basic, cartoon drawings and eventually, more advanced cartooning techniques
  • Create a finished cartoon strip; with a possibility of turning it into a small book


1. Introduction of the teacher

  •  Sharing of the instructor’s artwork
  •  Introduction to the overall idea of cartooning and the expected results
  •  Time for free drawing and doodling

2. Introduction of tools used in cartooning; pencils, pens and their use in cartooning

  •  Drawing freely; simple line in different directions, using pencils
  •  Initial practice drawing shapes

3. Making shapes into figures

  •  Drawing bodies

4. Drawing faces and expressions

  •  Adding hands and feet

5. Drawing Action

  •  Drawing Objects
  •  Learning perspectives
  •  Drawing backgrounds

6. Using colors

  •  Learning styles
  •  Drawing a single cartoon

7. Drawing a comic strip

  •  Making a comic book
  •  Learning how to “publish”

8. Creating an animation cell

  •  Creating caricatures in 3-D using Styrofoam, Paper Mache or clay
  •  Creating mechanical moving art
  •  Creating animation with apps - using iPhone, iPad and other devices



None, but a strong desire to create imaginative, non-violent cartoons

Method of Instruction

  •  Lecture, demonstration and hands-on practice
  •  Creative games and exercises for fun and interaction
  •  Instructor examples of finished products for discussion and critiques


Exam:  No

Class Participation:  Yes

Demonstration of Skills:  Yes

Class Attendance:  Regular class attendance and participation in all activities is expected