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Basics of Colored Pencil Drawing


Be dazzled as you learn how easy it is to draw brilliant luminous flowers, sparkling highlights on fruit, transparent glass and other stunning effects via the medium of colored pencils. In just the first three lessons, learn the basics of colored pencil drawing. Step-by-step, instructor lead demonstrations, make learning these techniques easy; along with-in-class practice. As a bonus, learn about color theory to make your work more engaging. Come a beginner - leave as an intermediate! For the more advanced student, learn multi-media techniques to, "step up," your colored pencil work.  Meet your goals in a supportive environment of fellow artists.


  • Knowledge and effective application of materials
  • Generate drawings and paintings that demonstrate use of:
  • Basic strokes, layering, burnishing, underpainting techniques, accurate drawing and well balanced compositions 


  • Vocabulary and Materials
  • Marks and basic strokes used to achieve a variety of results
  • Use of reference photos
  • Producing an accurate drawing freehand and using grids
  • Techniques:  Layering, burnishing and underpainting
  • How to use value and color
  • How to create well-balanced compositions
  • Projects and subjects:  Marbles, shells, Flowers, glass, fruit, people, animals and landscapes



Method of Instruction

  • Demonstrations, lecture, and class participation


  • Exam:  No
  • Demonstration of Skills:  Yes
  • Class Participation:  Yes