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Course Title
Stained Glass Workshop


Have you visited majestic cathedrals and been in awe of the stained glass windows? Through the ages, artists have enriched the world with the creation of stained glass, an art form known for its stunning beauty and unique symbolic importance. Carry on this artistic tradition in a class designed for all skill levels. Beginners learn to cut, foil and solder, while exploring patina, pattern selection and transfer as well as framing. Experienced students receive advice and guidance on projects of their choice. Our skilled instructor teaches the American Style of stained glass techniques.


  • Create stained glass pieces using the techniques learned in class
  • Explore lamp making, reinforcing large projects, box making and beveled glass work
  • Discover how to “paint” with glass
  • Understand the math and science needed to work with stained glass


1. Session I

  • History of old world stained glass
  • History of American stained glass
  • Samples of American stained glass styles
  • Course and skills description
  • Materials list handout and usage description
  • Basic cuts demo and student participation

 2. Session II

  • Pattern and glass handout for sun-catcher                       
  • Review of basic cuts
  • Cutting sun-catcher
  • Demonstration of grinder use
  • Grinding of sun-catcher
  • Foiling techniques demonstration
  • Foiling of sun-catcher

3. Session III

  • Catch up help (grind, fit, foil)
  • Soldering demonstration
  • Soldering of sun-catchers
  • Finishing with add-ons
  • Patina demonstration
  • Picking of patterns for stained glass windows
  • Pattern transfer demo

4. Session IV   

  • Pattern work
  • Board assembly
  • Cutting of glass

5. Session V

  • Cut
  • Grind
  • Fold

6. Session VI

  • Review soldering
  • Assemble and solder project 

7. Session VII                              

  • Finish soldering
  • Framing demonstration (lead, zinc, brass)
  • Frame projects
  • Patina and polish windows

    8. Session VIII

  • Catch up help
  • Hints for future projects
  • Introduction to next level




Method of Instruction

Lecture, demonstration, hands on work


  • Exam: No
  • Demonstration of Skills: Completion of project
  • Class Participation: Required