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Course Title
Studio Painting - Using Oils and Acrylics


Do you need help completing your latest project or perhaps just starting one? This class is for practicing or beginning studio painters. If you are a practicing artist, bring your canvas or work-in-progress to class. Just starting out? Needed supplies will be discussed in the first class. You will receive assistance, expert advice, demos and critiques as you paint at your own pace; all under the guidance of our talented instructor and working artist.


Students will learn how to apply good composition skills in their paintings, mix colors, form depth, and use shading to create density. Work at your own pace, while receiving assistance, feedback and critiques from the instructor to perfect the skills of working in the mediums of oil or acrylic.


1. Review of various mediums

  • Oil
  • Acrylics
  • Time permitting and/or student interest - also covered will be the topics below:

          a. Pencils

          b. Ink

2. Fundamentals of a good painting

3. Composition

4. Mixing colors

5. Shading

6. Light sources

7. Personal and emotional responses to your work, critiques and guidance



None - but a work-in-progress; or an idea is helpful

Method of Instruction

Individual guidance, possible supplemental handouts or visual examples


  • Exam: No
  • Demonstration of Skills: Yes
  • Class participation : Yes