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Course Title
Intermediate Painting Techniques


Do you know the basics of painting, but need help starting or completing a project? Under the guidance of our experienced studio artist, gain insight into painting techniques such as paint mixing, color, texture, tone, space and picture composition. Feedback and suggestions for your individual growth will be given as you work on these techniques at your own pace. Watercolor, acrylic or oil may be used.




Students will learn how to apply good composition skills in their paintings, mix colors, form depth, and use shading to create density. Work at your own pace, while receiving assistance, feedback and critiques from the instructor to perfect the skills of working in the mediums of acrylic, oil or watercolor.


 1.  Supplies and materials explained/discussed 

  • Painting as language

 2.  Painting technique/demo 

  • 1 day tonal painting -  "mood" paintings with simplified compositions, done in a limited range of colors

 3. Painting reviewed

  •   Composition

 4. Color and color mixing

 5. Texture and tone

  • Building form/critiques

 6.  Space and perspective intro

 7.  Practice and critiques

 8.  Review and practice


None; but basic drawing/painting skills are helpful

Method of Instruction

Lectures, critiques, demonstrations and individual instruction


Class participation


 Demonstration of skills