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Basic Acrylic Painting Techniques


Your creativity will grow as you enter the colorful world of acrylics! These versatile water-based, quick-drying paints are a wonderful medium with which to learn the basics of image composition, color mixing on a palette and paint application. Work at your own pace alongside fellow artists, improving your painting skills with guidance from our skilled instructor. All skill levels welcome!



Become familiar with:

  • Basic supplies used in acrylic painting
  • How to hold the brush in several ways to create different strokes
  • Proper care of brushes for longevity and best results
  • Paint mixing techniques
  • How to balance negative and positive spaces to create good design


1. Introduction

  • List of supplies and how to clean brushes
  • Demonstrate how to start

          - All students "play" on demo

         - All students choose subject for painting     

2. Start drawing

  • Choose colors
  • Mix paint and start first painting

  3.  Adjust painting to create depth

  • Finishing touches
  • Critique

 4. Demo: Palette painting of second painting

  •  Paint along
  •  Finish first or second painting

 5. Third painting of choice

  • Help solve individual problems
  • Class critiques

 6. Do finishing touches

  • Help each individual as needed
  • Finish at home

 7.    Fourth painting of choice

  • Help each individual as needed
  • Finish at home

 8. Final Critique

  • Change or adjust from critique
  • Review growth of each individual from painting one to four

          -  Ask students to share what they learned



Method of Instruction

Lecture and hands-on


  • Exam:  No
  • Demonstration of Skills: Yes
  • Class Participation: Yes