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Building a Requirements Package


A fundamental part of business analysis involves the communication of solutions to stakeholders. Often, this communication includes technical information. A requirements package is a document or presentation that conveys information in an understandable way and will include evaluation of possible alternatives, formal review and approvals, inputs to solution design and conformance to regulatory obligations.  

In this class, you will learn to differentiate between a deliverable (a specific output of the business analysis process that the business analyst has agreed to produce) and a work product (a document or collection of notes or diagrams used during the requirements development process.) It will assist you in writing clearly and concisely to inform all stakeholders in an effective and professional manner. 


Upon completion of this course, the successful student will be able to:

  • Document quality textual requirements
  • Determine appropriate requirement attributes
  • Develop a Business Analysis Plan
  • Create and deliver a Requirements Package




  1. Writing Requirements Statements
    • Quality Characteristics
    • Non-functional Requirements
  2. Requirement Attributes
  3. Business Rules
  4. Glossary of Terms
  5. Requirements Verification
  6. Traceability
  7. Developing a Business Analysis Plan
  8. Building a Requirements Package



Method of Instruction

Lecture, discussion, case studies, hands-on exercises


Exam: no

Demonstration of Skills: skills and exercises

Class Participation: expected