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The Craft of Craft Beer


Learn the basics of brewing your own all-grain beer. Ingredients, equipment, sanitation, process, fermentation, and bottling will be covered. Students will also have to opportunity to sample a pre-made batch of the exact same beer that is being brewed. Included in class fees are first year membership fees in Carolina Brew Masters. Prerequisites: Must be 21 years of age.


  • To learn the basics of brewing beer at home.


  • Discuss and define the terms and ingredients involved in making beer
  • Discuss and define the equipment used in the brewing process
  • Discuss and practice proper sanitation techniques
  • Discuss, define, and practice the process of all-grain brewing
  • Discuss the process of fermentation and how it relates to the final product
  • Discuss variations in the process and different styles of beer
  • Discuss and demonstrate the bottling process using a previously made batch of beer


Must be 21 years of age

Method of Instruction

Lecture, demonstration, hands-on


Class survey