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Notary Public


The Notary Public Education Program was designed to provide information for the candidate by a certified instructor. A thorough introduction to the statutes which regulate the acts of North Carolina Notaries is offered during the course. The purpose of the education requirement is to enable the applicant to become a responsible, qualified candidate for the Notary Public commission.


Upon completion of this course, the student will submit the application, given in class, to the Secretary of State. When commissioned, the student will be a Public Officer for the state of North Carolina; able to perform the duties of a Notary in this state.


1.  Introduction: History of the office of Notary Public

  • Appointment
  • Application Process
  • Tenure of office and change of status forms

2.  Introduction: General Powers

  • Three powers explained
  • Territorial limitations

3.  Introduction: Attestation

  • Four requirements explained
  • Equipment (stamps and seal)

4.  Introduction: Certification

  • Two forms explained
  • Subscribing witness
  • Proper identification

5. Introduction: Oaths and Affidavits

  • Oath vs. Affirmation
  • Affidavits must be signed in Notary's presence

6.  Scenarios

  • Motor vehicle transfer
  • One party acknowledgement
  • Log book

7.  Role Play

  • Discussion
  • Organization
  • Notarizing forms
  • Logging information
  • Questions & Answer




Method of Instruction



Exam: yes; Minimum 80% to pass