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Course Title
Process Management


The course is designed to help participants develop a road map that will enable process owners and teams to identify, define, manage, and improve their business processes. The class will address current processes, new processes, and participants will learn how to ensure they meet business performance objectives


Upon successful completion the student will be able to:

  • Define a business process
  • Identify and select the appropriate business process for the organization
  • Identify and select a process management team
  • Effectively use the "Process Management 7 step model"
  • Determine process requirements
  • Develop process metrics
  • Measure effectiveness of process and customer requirements
  • Conduct analysis of their current process and develop new process plans based on customer needs
  • Describe process improvement methodology and implementation
  • Identify the benefits of process management over traditional functional approach


  • What is Process Management?
  • The 7 Step Model
    • Describe the Opportunity/Problem
    • Describe the Current Process
    • Identify and Verify Root Causes
    • Develop a Solution and Action Plan
    • Implementation
    • Review and Evaluate
  • Examine The Process
    • Name That Process
      • Current State
        • What does the current process look like?
        • Impacts of Current State
        • What is the impact on our Customer?
        • What are the impacts on the Organization?
      • Desired Outcomes
      • What does the Organization Want?
      • What Does the Customer Expect?
    • Understanding What You Have
      • Current Process Inputs
      • Current Process Dependencies
      • Current Process Outputs
      • Current Process Outcomes
    • How Deep Do We Go?
      • Level of Detail is Required
      • What Influences Our Decision
    • Basis for Process map
      • What Do We Track
      • Process Measures
    • Who’s Going to Do This?
    • Process Teams
    • Choosing the Participants
  • The Process Management Tool Box
  • Building a Process Map
    • Description of Opportunity/Problem
    • Description of Current Process
    • Identify and Verify Root Causes
    • Develop a Solution and Action Plan
    • Implementation Plan
    • Outcomes - What Will Be Measured
  • Process Measures and Analysis
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Assignment for Follow up Session
  • Develop a Team Process Map
    • Cause and Effect
    • Decision Matrix
    • Responsibility Matrix
    • Action Planning



Method of Instruction

Workshop - Interactive discussion and lecture with experiential process mapping


Demonstration of Skills: Ability to construct a Process Map including Inputs, Outputs and Outcomes.


Class Participation: Interaction of participants in discussions and with small group activity.