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Course Title
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification


Become Green Belt Certified and have the skills to lead Lean Six Sigma project teams.  Work with cross-functional teams to define and measure problems, analyze root causes, implement improvements, and establish control. Course is comprised of two components, online learning and classroom education. Lean Six Sigma project is required to demonstrate the methodology acquired from the course.


What You'll Learn:

  • A comprehensive education of the Lean and Six Sigma methodologies to include:
    • The process and customer focus of Lean and Six Sigma
    • The DMAIC process improvement methodology
    • The benefits and objectives of Lean Six Sigma
    • The history of Lean and Six Sigma
    • The roles and responsibilities of a Lean Six Sigma culture
    • Lean Six Sigma strategies for choosing and implement Lean Six Sigma projects
  • How to define a project’s goal, scope, business case and team members
  • How to define the process using  mapping and other Lean Six Sigma tools
  • How to set up a proper measurement and data collection system
  • How to analyze the potential causes of a problem and prioritize them
  • How to set up solutions to address the top root causes
  • How to control a process to maintain and build on project successes
  • What role Green Belts and other team members play in the success of Lean Six Sigma
  • How Project Teams Function
  • Learn the basic Lean Six Sigma tools  - Project Charter, Brain Storming, Pareto Analysis, Cause and Effect Analysis, VOC, SIPOC, Gage R&R, FMEA, COPQ, MSA, Scatter Diagrams, Process Capability Studies, DOE, Control Charts, Descriptive Statistics, Etc.
  • Learn the eight Lean wastes
  • How to present projects to peers and managers, transition and close-out existing projects


Program Orientation and Introduction-

  1. Course introduction and Internet On-line Access to modules
  2. Lean and Six Sigma Green Belt Overview
  3. Terms and Glossary
  4. Training process overview  


  1. Overview of DEFINE tools
  2. Project Charter exercise
  3. Demonstration of DEFINE tools
  4. Process Map
  5. SIPOC
  6. Pareto Chart
  7. Role of a Facilitator
  8. Facilitator exercise demonstrating DEFINE tools
  9. Project report format


  1. MEASURE presentation
  2. MSA exercise
  3. Gage R&R demonstration
  4. Review of descriptive statistics


  1. ANALYZE presentation
  2. Process Capability
  3. Scatter Diagram
  4. Demonstration of analyze tools: C&E Diagram, The 5 Why’s, FMEA                       
  5. Excel and MiniTab demonstration of statistics


  1. IMPROVE presentation
  2. DOE demonstration
  3. CONTROL presentation
  4. Central Limit Theorem exercise


  1. Review of Final Reports and Modules
  2. Certification Final Exam 



Method of Instruction

Online self study

Class lecture and Q & A


To graduate with Green Belt Certification, the course requirements are as follows:

  • Active attendance and participation in classroom instructions
  • Complete all on-line modules with post-test scores of > 80%
  • Approval of a project report demonstrating Lean Six Sigma methodology
  • Passing grade of > 80% on the final exam