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Dazzling Your Customers


This module helps participants master the art of dazzling customers. Participants will explore what it means to provide dazzling service and learn three steps that will help them consistently give customers more than they expect. By paying attention to customer cues, participants will learn how to spot “dazzle” opportunities in both challenging and routine interactions. They will also brainstorm ideas that create a high impact with customers while remaining low-cost and quick. And, they will learn how to present a dazzling action so that customers feel respected, valued, and delighted.


  • The purpose of this module is to enhance the participants’ ability to make customers feel special and valued, thereby creating experiences so surprisingly positive and memorable, that customers will tell others about them and will want to sustain and build their relationship with the organization.


  1. Define dazzling service
  2. Explain how dazzling service contributes to customer loyalty
  3. Generate opportunities for delivering dazzling service in challenging and routine interactions
  4. Select dazzling actions that are appropriate and meaningful to individual customers
  5. Offer dazzling actions in a way that builds rapport and creates positive defining moments that are memorable


  • None

Method of Instruction

  • Large / small group facilitated discussion, class activities, video case studies, Q&A, topic reenactments



  • Module Participation as determined by Instructor
  • Level I survey is a reaction to and the benefits derived from the course
  • Level II survey is a measure of the acquisition of program concepts