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Teaming Up for Seamless Service


Customers expect seamless service that allows for "one stop shopping" - letting them avoid getting involved in the inside details of the business or dealing with dozens of different people. They Expect service providers to coordinate things behind the scenes on their behalf. Achieving seamless service requires that service providers work together and coordinate their efforts to meet customer needs. Miscommunication or disagreements among service providers can threaten the quality of the service customers receive.


The purpose of this module is to help participants explore what it takes to deliver seamless service, and to develop skills for addressing service issues with fellow service providers.


Upon module completion, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the importance of seamless service
  • Describe their role in delivering seamless service
  • Apply six best practices for delivering seamless service
  • Demonstrate a five step process for discussing service coordination issues with others
  • Take actions to increase teamwork and coordination with those who help them serve their customers


  • None

Method of Instruction

  • Large/small group facilitated discussion, class activities, video case studies, Q & A, topic reenactments


  • Module Participation as determined by Instructor
  • Level I survey is a reaction to and the benefits derived from the course
  • Level II survey is a measure of the acquisition of program concepts