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FreeZone Innovation Workshop


The FreeZone Innovation workshop is a two-day hands-on, skills building, workshop that gives participants the opportunity to sharpen their skills through various innovation techniques and exercises.  Participants will also practice the FreeZone, repeatable, innovation model and experience its diverse applicability by applying it to their own job-related situations.  The participants will learn a model for innovation that is flexible enough to be applied to any product, service, or process. 


Upon successful completion, participants will be able

  • To learn and apply the basic model of innovation
  • To learn and apply the innovation techniques incorporated in each phase of the model
  • To learn and apply the skill to turn an idea into a company application
  • To learn how to set conditions that will promote that will promote and enhance creativity
  • To learn how to assess the viability for implementation to ensure success
  • To learn how to streamline the suggested solution in such a way that it will support a realistic implementation plan


Set the task – to create a clear and common understanding of what needs to be achieved in the problem situation. The key lies in the ability to create an exciting and challenging task that will ignite the imagination and resourcefulness to the people involved. 

Situation  Assessment – To open and expand the search for information so that everything is known about the problem situation.  The aim is to de-contaminate and de-emotionalize the problem situation through analyses, creating the basis for new information to enter the situation and to spark new ideas in the process.  This will serve as the springboard for innovative ideas.  Techniques such as functional, interface, problem/symptom and requirement analyses are used to ignite new breakthrough possibilities for the problem situation or corporate challenge.

FreeZone Thinking – This is the process to jump-start innovation by creating the ability to find “new associations, insights, and conclusions” from known elements and facts.  This will help the problem solver to expand your scope for solution finding.  FreeZone thinking is the ration analytical skill of evaluating information.

Viability Assessment – To identify the most feasible option by identifying gaps and weaknesses in the suggestions.  This stage will help the problem solver to ascertain the most promising ideas the subsequent innovations for possible company-wide implementation. 

Streamline the Solution – To address the weaknesses and obstacles of the suggested solution(s) and then create an in-depth shared understanding of the final solution to be implemented.  At this stage, the most feasible innovative suggestion is handed over to in-house systems for product development and or/implementation.



Method of Instruction

lecture, group discussion, exercises


demonstration of appropriate application of methodology in small group exercises