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Course Title
CFP - Fundamentals of Financial Planning


Attain a comprehensive overview of the financial planning process. Understand the roles and responsibilities of a financial planner and gain the analytical skills to aid in fiduciary decision making. You will learn communication techniques, risk tolerance, time-value-of-money, regulatory issues and various financial planning applications.


Upon completion, students will be able to construct personal financial statements, apply business structures for clients, budget and deal with regulatory requirements.


1.  Financial Planning Process

2.  Communicating Effectively with Clients

3.  Ethics, Professionalism, and Practice Standards

4.  Client attitudes toward Risk

5.  Gathering Data and Preparing Financial Statements

6.  Time Value of Money-Basic Concepts and Applications

7.  Time Value of Money-Advanced Concepts and Applications

8.  Financial Planning Applications

9.  The Regulation of Financial Advisers

10.  The Legal and Economic Environment of Financial Institutions

Method of Instruction



Final Examination-There will be a final exam at the conclusion of each module.  A minimum grade of 75% must be earned on all exams that are administered as part of the program.  Students scoring 60% or higher on a final exam will be allowed one opportunity to retake the exam to achieve a passing grade for that course module.  Students who score below 60% on a final exam are required to resit the module the next time it is offered.