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Course Title
Insurance Planning


Understand the importance of insurance when it comes to financial planning. In this course, you will grasp basic concepts in risk management and the various types of insurance, such as property, casualty, life, health, disability and long-term care.


Upon completion,students will be able to evaluate the client's portfolio and determine the appropriate policies best suited to meet the client's needs.


  1. Basic Concepts of Risk and Insurance
  2. Managing Risks
  3. Types of Insurers and Their Marketing Systems
  4. Insurance Company Operations
  5. Regulation and Evaluation of Insurers
  6. Basic Legal Principles and Contract Analysis
  7. Social Security, Medicare, and Other Government Programs
  8. Introduction to Life Insurance
  9. Life Insurance Policy Revisions
  10. Life Insurance Planning and Purchasing Decisions
  11. Annuities
  12. Medical Expense Insurance As as Employee Benefit
  13. Individual Medical Expense Insurance
  14. Disability Income Insurance
  15. Long-Term Care Insurance
  16. Introduction to Property and Liability Insurance
  17. Homeowners Insurance; Nonbusiness Property Coverages
  18. Personal Auto and Umbrella Liability Insurance
  19. Business Property and Liability Insurance

Method of Instruction



Final Examination-There will be a final exam at the conclusion of each module.  A minimum grade of 75% must be earned on all exams that are administered as part of the program. Students scoring 60% or higher on a final exam will be allowed one opportunity to retake the exam in an attempt to achieve a passing grade for that course module.  Students who score 60% on a final are required to resit the module the next time it is offered.