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CFP - Retirement Planning


Every financial planning professional needs to know the essentials of retirement planning and employee benefits. Assist your clients in choosing the appropriate retirement plan to meet their needs, whether they are a business, business owner or an individual. Evaluate qualified plans, non-qualified plans and IRAs in designing the best retirement strategy for your clients.

Textbook required.


Upon completion, students will be able to calculate the annual savings needed to reach their client's retirement income goals. 


1.   Pension and Retirement Planning Overview  


2.   The Retirement Field


3.   Preliminary Concerns 


 4.   Defined-Benefit, Cash-Balance, Target-Benefit, and Money-Purchase Pension Plans  


5.   Profit-Sharing Plans, 401(k) Plans, Stock Bonus Plans, and ESOPs


6.   CSEPs, SIMPLEs,  and 403(b) Plans


7.   Coverage, Eligibility, and Participation Rules


8.   Designing Benefit Formulas and Employee Contributions


9.    Loans, Vesting, and Retirement Ages


10.  Death and Disability Benefits; Top-Heavy Rules


11.  Plan Funding and Investing—Part I

12. Plan Funding and Investing—Part II


13. Plan Installation and Administration


14. Plan Termination


15. Non-qualified Deferred-Compensation Plans


16. Equity Based Compensation Plans


17. Individual Retirement Arrangements


18. Individual Retirement Arrangements


19. Social Security


20. Introduction to Individual Retirement Planning


21. Retirement Needs Analysis:  Preliminary Concerns


22. Determining Postretirement Monetary Needs–Case Study


23. Additional Retirement Planning Issues


24. Distributions from Retirement Plans 


Method of Instruction



Final Examination - There will be a final exam at the conclusion of each module.  A minimum grade of 75% must be earned on all exams that are administered as part of the program.  Students scoring 60% or higher on a final exam will be allowed one opportunity to retake the exam in an attempt to achieve a passing grade for that course module.  Students who score below 60% on a final exam are required to resit the module the next time it is offered.