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Pasta Extravaganza


Pasta goes with everything – especially with great produce from the local farmers’ market or your own garden! Get your hands in flour and make fabulous pasta from scratch and use local vegetables and other ingredients to make new dishes explode with fresh flavor. You will also use an assortment of store-bought pasta to create a variety of exciting new dishes that help make your weekly menus come to life.


Students will  learn:

  • To prepare  flavorful dishes using fresh, local vegetables and pasta
  • To make fresh pasta from scratch
  • To select store-bought pasta for use in recipes



  1. Pasta
    1.  Making pasta from scratch
    2. Selecting store-bought pasta
  2. Fresh Ingredients for recipes
    1. Local vegetables from the farmers market or individual's garden
    2. Additional recipe ingredients
  3. Creating class recipes

Sample recipes:

  • Tomato linguini with braised Swiss chard, pancetta, and mushrooms
  • Ricotta and herb gnocchi with sweet onion cream sauce
  • Sweet potato agnolotti with cinnamon brown butter sauce
  • Spanish orzo salad (paella-style)
  • Asian rice noodle salad with pork, sizzled leeks, and sweet potato strips
  • Pasta primavera salad ala farmers market




Method of Instruction

  • Hands-on
  • Demonstration
  • Lecture


  • Demonstration of skills through class participation