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Don't Be Chicken


Are you terrified to attempt cutting up a whole chicken? Learn “quick and easy” cutting and boning techniques from our Charlotte Cooks chef instructor to take advantage of cost savings on your weekly grocery bill.  After learning how to “break down” a chicken into parts, students will learn how to apply a variety of preparations and cooking techniques to expand their recipe collection. 


Learn how to de-bone chicken that can be applied to any other fowl (duck, goose, etc.)


1. Purchasing

  • What to look for in purchasing a whole chicken vs. parts
  • Costs related to purchasing a whole chicken vs. parts

2.  Home Sanitation

  • Cutting board savvy
  • Refrigeration, storage of chicken where and for how long
  • Thawing a whole chicken
  • Sanitizing solution

3.  Preparation of whole chicken

  • Deciding on how to break down (halves, quarters, and pieces)
  • Bone or boneless chicken parts
  • Demonstration on cutting up a whole chicken
  • Students will cup up their own chicken (from whole to parts)

4.  Cleaning the bird

  • Removal of excess fat
  • Removal of extra packaged poultry pieces from crevices
  • Washing and drying pieces for immediate use or for freezing 



Method of Instruction

  • Lecture,
  • Demonstration
  • Hands-on


Class Participation:  yes

Demonstration of Skills:  yes