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Luscious Fruit Desserts


Take a page from the past and learn to create traditional, mouth-watering desserts. Do you know the difference between a cobbler, slump and a crumble? What's a Pandowdy and how is it different from a Betty? Which ones are baked and which ones are boiled? Discover how easy it is to prepare an assortment of these fruited desserts.


  • Learn the differences between the fruited desserts
  • Prepare a variety of fruit desserts


1. Same dessert but a different name

  • Crisp or Brown Betty in the Midwest, Pennsylvania and New England
  • Buckle (Pacific Northwest)

2. Same dessert but a different name

  • Slump is fruit cooked in a pot on the stove with dumplings steamed on top.It is usually served inverted with the dumplings on the bottom.
  • Grunt is a stewed or baked fruit dish. The biscuit dough is rolled and put on top of the fruit.

3. Cobblers

  • Baked fruit filling topped with biscuit dough.

4. . Crisp

  • Baked dessert, the fruit filling is covered with a crunchy oat topping, crumbled on top

5. Crumble

  • Similar to the crisp, the topping is crumbled over the fruit filling in the pan and is baked. Crumbles use flour instead of oats.

6. Grunt/ Slump

  • Stewed or baked fruit dish. The biscuit dough is rolled and put on top of the fruit.

7. Pandowdy or Pan Dowdy

  • Fruit baked in a pan and topped with a crust. When crust is lightly browned, it is cut up and pressed into the fruit and juices. This process is called “dowdying.”







Method of Instruction

Lecture, Demonstration, hands-on


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