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Course Title
Wilton Decorating Basics


This class is the foundation for all Wilton Method Courses. Successful cake decorating begins with the basics of organizing the ingredients and supplies, baking the cake and preparing it for decorating, making the icing and practicing the techniques of how to use decorating tools properly. You will be introduced to basic cake decorating by learning the star, drop flower, piping gel transfer and beautiful roses.

This class is the first course in the Wilton Method Package.


  • Upon successful completion of this course you will have the skills to create beautiful cakes composed of shell borders, bows, stems, leaves, sweet peas and roses. You will also be able to apply piped figures suitable for cupcakes or cake squares.


1. Introduction

  • Tools
  • Icings
  • Preparing bags and cake for decorating
  • Mixing colors

 2. Tips and their application

  • Star tip

          -  Star

          -  Curved line

          -  Zigzag

  • Round Tip

          -  Writing

          -   Printing

          -   Dots

  • Piping Gel

           -  Writing

           -  Pattern transfer

  • Rose Nail

        -  How to use

        -   Rose base

 3. Decorations

  • Drop flowers
  • Shell
  • Rose
  • Figure Piping
  • Stems
  • Bows
  • Sweet Peas
  • Leaves

4. Completing Cake



Method of Instruction

Lecture, demonstration and hands-on practice


Exam:  no

Class Participation:  yes

Demonstration of Skills:  yes