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Course Title
Hydraulic System Maintenance and Setup


This course is designed to teach maintenance technicians how to maintain, setup and troubleshoot hydraulic powered and controlled systems.


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • evaluate hydraulic valves and pumps to determine if they are faulty
  • conduct proper inspections to evaluate the condition and cleanliness of the hydraulics system's fluid
  • determine which viscosity is best for their hydraulic system's needs
  • identify and apply the appropriate fluid and air filters to their hydraulic system
  • identify various pressure controls that are typically used in a hydraulic system and how to set them up


  • Fluids
    • Fluid condition and fluid cleanliness requirements
  • Determining contamination types and levels
    • Contamination related failures
  • Methods of filtration and types of filters
    • Reservoir contamination control
  • Fluids lab exercise
    • Relief valve exercise: dis-assembly, inspection, evaluation assembly, testing
    • Reducing valve exercise: dis-assembly, inspection, evaluation, assembly, testing
  • Methods of counterbalance control
    • Understanding the multifunction valve
    • Multifunction valve lab exercise: dis-assembly, inspection, evaluation, testing
  • Purpose, operation and setup of accumulators
    • Lab exercise - Accumulator charging and checking for a charge
  • Purpose, operation and types of directional controls including types and uses of various spool types
    • Directional control lab exercise: dis-assembly, inspection, evaluation, assembly, testing
    • Piloting and draining options and conversions
  • Hydraulic circuit/component troubleshooting
  • Pumps
    • Types, operation, maintenance, setup and troubleshooting
    • Pressure compensated variable displacement pump exercise
  • Troubleshooting a faulty hydraulic system
  • Introduction to proportional controls





Method of Instruction

  • Lecture and demonstration
  • Lab exercises and application



  • Class participation
  • Demonstration of skills