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Course Title
IST - Mechanical Systems for Advanced Manufacturing


Mechanical Systems for Advanced Manufacturing is a 20 hour course designed to teach the technician the fundamentals of mechanical drive systems as they apply to an Advanced Manufacturing environment.  Upon completion of the course the student will have skills that are beneficial in terms of maintenance, installation, and repairs to mechanical systems.


  • To provide the student with mechanical skills that are needed in Advanced Manufacturing including maintenance, installation, and repairs to complex mechanical systems.  Areas of study include:
  • Fasteners
  • Transmission Systems
  • V-Belts
  • Chain Drives
  • Spur Gear Drives
  • Multiple Shaft Drives


  1. Mechanical Power Transmission Safety
  2. Machine Installation
  3. Motor Mounting
  4. Shaft Speed Measurement
  5. Keyseat Fasteners
  6. Key Assembly
  7. Torque and Power Measurement
  8. Mechanical Efficiency
  9. Introduction to Shafts
  10. Introduction to Bearings
  11. Introduction to Couplings
  12. Shaft Alignment
  13. Belt Drive Concepts
  14. V-Belt Operation
  15. Belt Tensioning
  16. Belt Tension Measurement
  17. Chain Drive Concepts
  18. Chain Drive Operation
  19. Chain Tensioning
  20. Chain Tension Measurement
  21. Fixed Center Chain Installation
  22. Gear Drive Concepts
  23. Gear Drive Designs
  24. Spur Gear Operation
  25. Spur Gear Installation
  26. Spur Gear Analysis
  27. Multiple Shaft Gear Analysis
  28. Multiple Shaft Drive Installation
  29. Sleeve Couplings



Method of Instruction

  • Instructor, books, multi-media, Internet, and hands-on trainers will be used.


  • Class Participation:  Yes
  • Demonstration of Skills:  Yes
  • Exam:  Yes