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Course Title
Become a Professional Personal Chef


Turn your culinary skills into a business opportunity as you learn the basics of becoming a personal chef. This class will give you the skills you need to provide hungry customers with meals in the comfort of their own home. As you learn more about this growing industry, you will review meal planning, costing and proper techniques in preparation, handling and storage of food. Additionally, you'll learn tips for success in marketing and running a home-based business.


To learn how to operate a personal chef  business.


  1. Business in your home
    • What it takes to run your personal chef business (computer, stationary, business cards)
    • Which type of business is right for you (S corporation, corporation, LLC, etc)
  2. A marketing program
    • Define and develop a marketing plan
    • Market research
    • Potential clients
    • Target market
    • Marketing methods
  3. Financing
    • Start up costs
    • Fixed costs
    • Variable costs
    • Cash flow (book keeping)
    • Food cost analysis (portion size)
  4. Sales and service
    • Generating sales revenues
    • Service cycle
    • Service plan
    • First impressions
    • Sales assessment process
    • Pricing structure (fees)
    • Revenue stream
  5. Customer service
    • Client evaluation (preferred foods, dietary restrictions, allergies)
    • Scheduling: what day to prepare foods in clients' homes
  6. Resources
    • American Personal and Private Chef Association (APPCA)
    • American Culinary Federation (ACF)
  7. Forms
    • Heating tables
    • Client Assessment Form
    • Allergy Assessment form
    • Customer Data form
    • Fee form
    • Accounting forms


Cooking experience preferred but not mandatory

Method of Instruction

Lecture, guest speakers, class project and field trip


Exam:  no

Class Participation:  yes

Demonstration of Skills:  yes