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Building an Environment of Trust


Because of the crucial link between trust and business success, leaders must realize the power of trust as a business tool. In this course, leaders learn how to avoid the trust breakers and take action to create an environment in which people take risks, identify and solve problems, and work together to create and sustain high levels of trust.


  • Improve business results by establishing, enhancing, or repairing trust in the workplace.
  • Increase teamwork and collaboration by creating a high-trust work environment.
  • Repair relationships where lack of trust is negatively affecting job performance.
  • Building trust through a foundation of open communication.


  1. Laying the Groundwork
    • Facilitator describes trust, distinguishing between being trustworthy and trusting others.
    • Learners think about someone they don't trust and identify trust-breaking behaviors this person demonstrates. They then discuss behaviors they fall into themselves.
    • Leaders discover how trust contributes to achieving their organizations' business results, goals, and priorities. They examine their roles and responsibilities in building trust between many parties.
    • Using a job aid, learners start an action plan for building trust. They identify people with whom they need to build trust and which Trust Breakers they need to "turn off."
  2. In with the New
    • Learners explore the Key Principles in the video
    • Learners review a set of trust-building behaviors and record those that might be most constructive in their situation
    • Learners brainstorm their own tips for using the Trust Builders they do well, giving their classmates specific, practical advice on using the trust builders.
  3. Taking the First Step to Building Trust
    • In teams, learners analyze challenging, low-trust situations, then share what they might say, who they would approach to repair trust, and how they would enhance the trust environment going forward.
  4. What Now
    • Learners complete their action plan, noting what they'll do or say to establish, enhance, or repair trust in their situation, then addressing one or two more situations as needed. The facilitator points out two trust surveys for learners to distribute at work and closes the workshop.



Method of Instruction

Large/small group facilitated discussion and activities


Create progress indicators to track progress toward their goals