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Space Planning/Furniture Arrangement/Lighting for Your Home


Enhance your space by discovering how to make two core decisions in interior design; furniture placement and the wise use of lighting. Under the guidance of our outstanding instructor, plan furniture layouts and lighting that will create balance, function and drama. Discover the ways a room can be configured to function well for your needs and reflect your own personal taste!  This course is required for the Interior Design for Your Home Certificate.


Learn how to:

  • Evaluate the functionality and space of your rooms
  • Plan your furniture arrangements on paper
  • Plan future purchases, based on size and price
  • Enhance your home with lighting


1.  Class 1 - Overview

  • Introduction: What to expect from this course
  • Review course outline
  • Why space planning is essential to the interior design of your home
  • Evaluating space and function of your room
  • Guidelines on furniture arrangement
  • How to measure your rooms and furniture
  • Homework: 
  1. Measure and sketch each part of your living room in plan view               (you will need measuring tape, pencil, paper; best done with a partner; one to measure/one to write)
  2. Measure rugs and each piece of furniture and list measurements on a separate sheet of paper
  3. Bring to class:
    • Sketch of living room (plan view) with measurements
    • Measurements of each rug and piece of furniture on separate sheet of paper
    • Supplies listed above

2.  Class 2 - Create two furniture layouts on paper for your living room

  • Homework assignment:
    • Follow same procedure as above for family room and/or master bedroom

3.  Class 3 - Create layouts for your family room and/or master bedroom

4.  Class 5 - Field trip to Lee Lighting     




  • None

Method of Instruction

  • Lecture, web-enhanced
  • Class discussion
  • Hands on creation of furniture layouts
  • Outside field trip


  • Exam:  None
  • Demonstration of Skills: Yes, through hands-on projects
  • Class attendance: Yes
  • Class participation: Yes