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Art, Accessories, and Outdoor Spaces for Your Home


Accessories and artwork are the finishing touches that add personality and pizzazz to your home!  Our expert interior design instructor will guide you as you learn to select, frame and display artwork/accessories and use nature to enhance your home, inside and out.  Enjoy a field trip to expand your learning experience!  This course is required for the Interior Design for Your Home Certificate.






Learn about:

  • The categories of art
  • Selecting art for your home
  • Highlighting your artwork with custom framing.
  • Displaying art in your home.
  • Choosing and displaying accessories
  • Creating inviting outdoor spaces
  • Bringing the outdoors inside with natural arrangements


Class 1

  • Introduction: What to expect from the course     
  • Review course outline
  • Understanding categories of art
  • Choosing art for your home

Class 2 

  • Highlighting artwork with custom framing
  • Arranging art in your home


Class 3

  • Field trip to two art galleries (Saturday)

Class 4

  • The art of editing your accessories
  • Selecting accessories to express your style
  • Arranging accessories for artful impact
  • Homework assignment:  Create an artful grouping of accessories or artwork that express your personal style. Photograph a before and after version.

Class 5

  • Creating inviting outdoor spaces
  • Enlivening your rooms with natural arrangements






Method of Instruction

  • Lecture
  • PowerPoint
  • Class Discussion
  • Homework assignment
  • Outside Field Trip


  • Exam:  None
  • Class attendance: Yes
  • Demonstration of Skills: Yes, through assignment of hands-on project
  • Class Participation: Yes
  • Outside assignment:  Yes