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SharePoint End User


SharePoint is a great collaboration tool that is usually underutilized. In this class you will get fast answers on how to make SharePoint a more productive tool for your organization. This class covers all the essential tasks you need to know to take advantage of the many productivity - and efficiency-driving benefits that SharePoint 2013 offers. 


  • Overview of SharePoint
  • Identify Sites and Meeting and Workspaces
  • Modify Lists, Libraries, Pages, and Meetings Workspaces
  • Integrate with Office
  • Create Lists, Libraries, Pages, and Meeting Workspaces
  • Create Views
  • Manage Version History
  • Add Workflows
  • Manage personal sites
  • Work with user groups and permissions
  • General site administration tasks



Navigate through SharePoint 

  • What is it? Why use it?
  • Team Sites
  • Group Worksites
  • Meeting Workspaces
  • BlogsHierarchy of sites
  • Functionality
  • Navigation


  • Adding Announcements
  • Adding Contacts
  • Adding to Discussion Boards
  • Adding Attachments
  • Tracking (Links,  Calendars,  Tasks,  Surveys)
  • Editing
  • Filtering/Sorting
  • Creating Views
  • Editing in Datasheet View
  • Deleting Items/Restoring Items
  • Creating/Viewing Versions


  • Creating a Document Library
  • Creating a Folder
  • Creating Documents in a Library
  • Adding Forms (InfoPath Forms)
  • Adding Pictures
  • Check In/Check Out Documents
  • Uploading Documents (Explorer View/Multiple Documents)
  • Starting Workflows
  • Connecting to Office


  • Approving a Page
  • Creating a Publishing Page
  • Creating a Wiki Page


  • Create a Meeting Workspace
  • Crate a Things to Bring List
  • Create a Decisions List

Integrating with Office

  • Opening/Saving/Editing Documents in an Application
  • Opening/Editing from Outlook
  • Working with SharePoint Workspaces

Creating Lists

  • Creating/Importing a List
  • Creating a Task List (Sending email to assignee)
  • Creating Views
  • Setting Up Version History
  • Creating a Survey
  • Associating Workflows
  • Saving List as a Template

Creating Libraries

  • Creating a Document Library
  • Creating a Picture Library
  • Creating a Form Library
  • Creating Views
  • Setting Up Version History
  • Requiring Check In/Check Out


  • Creating Columns
  • Creating Content Types


  • Creating Subsites

Web Parts

  • Adding Web Parts

Personal Sites (My Site)

  • Creating/Editing Your My Site

 Create and Manage Groups and Permissions

  • Setting Up Groups (Active Directory/SharePoint)
  • Setting Up Permissions (levels, inheritance, management)

Site Administration

  • Editing the Look and Feel/Customization (Themes)
  • Setting Up Navigation
  • Saving a Site as a Template
  • Restoring Items from the Site Recycle Bin
  • Uploading/Activating a Sandbox Solution



Knowledge of MS Office and web browsers is recommended.

Method of Instruction

Lecture, Demonstration, Hands-on learning


  • Exam:  No
  • Demonstration of Skills:
  • Class Participation:  Yes