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SharePoint End User


In this class you will get fast answers on how to make SharePoint a more productive tool for your organization. This class covers all the essential tasks you need to know to take advantage of the many productivity - and efficiency driving benefits that SharePoint 2013 offers. 


Upon completion of this training, the participant will be able to:

  • Create a discussion board
  • Create a document workspace
  • Manage lists
  • Manage libraries
  • Create and customize a site
  • Build web parts


Collaborate on Projects

  • Create a place for teams to work
  • Add new users to a team site
  • Create a new group
  • Assign users to a group
  • Remove users from a group
  • Edit group settings

Discuss Ideas:

  • Create a discussion board
  • Start a new discussion
  • Reply to a discussion
  • Delete comments
  • Remove a discussion board

Conduct Effective Meetings

  • Create an event
  • Create a meeting workspace
  • Create meeting objectives
  • Create meeting agenda
  • Invite attendees
  • Assign tasks to meeting attendees
  • Publish key meeting decisions

Work Together on Content

  • Create a document workspace
  • Open and save documents from a workspace
  • Upload existing documents to a workspace
  • Activate version control
  • Remove a document workspace

Manage Lists

  • Create a custom list
  • Import a spreadsheet to create a list
  • Create and edit new list items
  • Create and edit new list columns
  • Delete list columns

Manage Libraries

  • Create a library
  • Create a new folder in library
  • Create new columns in library
  • Upload library items
  • Export a library to an excel spreadsheet

Use Outlook for Sharing

  • Connect a SharePoint Calendar or Task to Outlook
  • Send a Sharing Message

Conduct Surveys

  • Create a Survey
  • Send a Survey link

Create and Customize your MySite

  • Create a MySite
  • Edit your MySite profile
  • Add colleagues to your MySite
  • Edit public and private views
  • Apply a theme and add web parts
  • Create a MySite blog

Manage personal files and information

  • Upload a document to MySite
  • Check out/in a MySite document

Build Web Part

  • Create a Web Part
  • Add Web Parts
  • Configure and move Web Parts

Method of Instruction

Lecture, Demonstration, Hands-on learning


  • Exam:  No
  • Demonstration of Skills:
  • Class Participation:  Yes