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Microsoft Office for Medical Professionals Certificate


This course is designed for students in medical office administration and allied health programs. Microsoft Office for Medical Professionals teaches introductory Microsoft Office 2010 skills in an approachable and reader-friendly style. The real-world examples, projects and case-studies related to the medical industry provide students with the Office 2010 skills necessary to succeed in office administration, medical assisting or any health care career.


Upon competing this 48-hr class the participant will be able to:

  • Turn on the computer and begin using the Windows Operating System with the use of mouse actions, such as, pointing and clicking.
  • Work with multiple windows and go back and forth between them.
  • Organize folders and files on the computer, using file management skills.
  • Define essential computer concepts, such as hardware, software, networks, and storage devices.
  • Identify the group of software programs designed to help create documents, collaborate with coworkers, and track and analyze information.


Unit A: Getting Started with Windows 7.
Unit B: Understanding File Management.
Office 2010.
Unit A: Getting Started with Microsoft Office 2010.
WORD 2010.
Unit A: Creating Documents with Word 2010.
Unit B: Editing Documents.
Unit C: Formatting Text and Paragraphs.
Unit D: Creating and Formatting Tables.
Unit E: Formatting Documents.
Unit F: Merging Word Documents.
EXCEL 2010.
Unit A: Getting Started with Excel 2010.
Unit B: Working with Formulas and Functions.
Unit C: Formatting a Worksheet.
Unit D: Working with Charts.
ACCESS 2010.
Unit A: Getting Started with Access 2010.
Unit B: Building and Using Queries.
Unit C: Creating and Using Forms and Reports.
Unit A: Creating a Presentation in PowerPoint 2010.
Unit B: Modifying a Presentation.
Unit C: Customizing a Presentation

Method of Instruction

Lecture, demonstration and hands-on use


  • Exam: NO
  • Class participation: YES
  • Demonstration of Skills: YES