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The Analysis and Valuation of Stocks


This comprehensive course uses everyday language to provide you with conventional and advanced techniques in researching and valuing stocks. Learn to read financial statements and calculate financial ratios. Perform industrial comparisons, value stocks and conduct economic and industrial research.


  • Obtain a firm understanding of what the class will cover, the goals and objectives of the class, and what your capabilities will be after finishing the class.
  • Become familiar with annual and quarterly reports.
  • Understand how to read the income statement and balance sheet.
  • Understand how to read the cash flow statement, statement of equity, and percentage of statements.
  • Learn how to calculate ratios and understand what they tell you about a company.
  • Learn how to calculate more ratios, including the cash cycle, labor efficiency ratios, liquidity ratios, and value ratios, and understand what they tell you about a company and its stock price.
  • Review some case studies to see how to practically apply ratio analysis to a company and understand industrial comparisons.
  • Learn what fundamentally drives the value of a stock, what you can expect to get out of a stock, and how hype can cause stocks to become overvalued.
  • Explore various valuation techniques that will allow you to derive estimated stock prices.
  • Become familiar with the outside environment and how it can influence the price of a stock.
  • Learn about the various researching resources, such as publications and Internet sources, so you can conduct stock research and analysis.
  • Understand various real-world lessons that are relevant to investing and will provide insight as you analyze and evaluate stocks.


Wednesday - Lesson 01

Introduction and Welcome

Friday - Lesson 02

Introduction to Annual and Quarterly Reports

Wednesday - Lesson 03

Financial Statements—Part I

Friday - Lesson 04

Financial Statements—Part II

Wednesday - Lesson 05

Financial Ratios—Part I

Friday - Lesson 06

Financial Ratios—Part II

Wednesday - Lesson 07

Case Studies and Industrial Comparisons

Friday - Lesson 08

The Value of a Stock

Wednesday - Lesson 09

Valuation Techniques

Friday - Lesson 10

Economics and the Outside Environment

Wednesday - Lesson 11

Researching Resources

Friday - Lesson 12


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