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Course Title
Emergency Medical Technician Refresher


The course will provide a review of the following modules contained in the initial EMT course:

1. Preparatory

2. Airway

3. Patient assessment

4. Medical/ behavioral

5. Trauma

6. Obstetrics, infants and children



Upon completion of the course students will demonstrate the following knowledge and skills:

Demonstrate proficiency in: 

1. Emergency Medical Care

2. Components of an EMS system

3. Well-being of an EMT

4.  Medical Legal issues

5. The human body

6. Lifting and moving patients

7. Airway management

8. Patient assessment and management of the medical/behavioral and trauma patient

9.  Assessment of obstetric patients

10. Assessment and management of infants and children     

11.Will review material and skills that have ben removed from the scope of practice for the EMT as well as introduce and review new material and skills for the EMT at NC State and National Levels


National Standard EMT Curriculum

North Carolina OEMS Curriculum

Method of Instruction

Online lecture

Classroom lecture

Skills demonstration



Online discussions

Written examination

Skills competencies assessment

classroom participation