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Course Title
Preparing for the U.S. Citizenship Test


"Preparing for the U.S. Citizenship Test" is designed to assist eligible permanent U.S. residents prepare for the new U.S. Naturalization Test.


Students will practice four principal components of the new naturalization test.  By the completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Read English - review vocabulary associated with the naturalization test
  • Write English - study vocabulary associated with the naturalization test
  • Speak English - practice how to verbalize your interactions during the naturalization test
  • Understand the background of U.S. history and government related to details on the naturalization test 


  1. Discuss the process of naturalization
  2. Discuss general requirement for naturalization
  3. Introduce the four basic components of the new naturalization test:  reading, writing, speaking, and U.S. history and government
  4. Introduce vocabulary pertinent to reading during the test
  5. Practice writing vocabulary and sentences applicable to the test
  6. Introduce principles of American democracy, system of government, and rights and responsibilities
  7. Study past and recent American history
  8. Introduce integrated civics:   geography, symbols, and holidays
  9. Evaluate listening/speaking skills in the context of a simulated USCIS interview


  • Should be an eligible permanent resident who is seeking to prepare for the U.S. naturalization test.
  • Should have a high intermediate-advanced level of English.

Method of Instruction

  • Speaking tasks, listening tasks, reading tasks, writing tasks, individual work, group work, small group discussions and computer-assisted language learning activities


  • Demonstration of Skills:  Yes
  • Class Participation:  Yes
  • Exam:  Yes