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Introduction to Microsoft Publisher 2013


In this course, you'll learn to use Microsoft Publisher 2013 to create impressive publications. It's perfect for beginners who want to learn how to produce professional-quality newsletters, fliers, letterheads and brochures.


  • Learn how to access Publisher, use online help, and customize the program.
  • Become familiar with opening, saving, and closing a file; with the elements of the main Publisher window; and using the Office ribbon.
  • Practice inserting, editing, positioning, and formatting text.
  • Find out how to create and format drawing objects, insert clip art, and import picture files.
  • Learn how to create, format, and work with tables in Publisher.
  • Discover how to plan for and create a predesigned newsletter and a newsletter from scratch.
  • Understand how to use connecting text boxes and columns, continue a story from one page to another, create a sidebar, and insert pictures.
  • Explore Publisher's templates for common types of professional publications such as fliers, ads, and business cards.
  • Find out about Publisher's templates for personal projects such greeting cards, letterhead, and certificates.
  • Practice creating a predesigned brochure and one from scratch. Understand the basics of commercial printing, and convert a publication to the format necessary for commercial printing.
  • Learn how to create and use Custom Templates and how to access the latest templates the Publisher user community has contributed.


Wednesday - Lesson 01

Welcome to Publisher 2013! In the first lesson of our class, we'll go over some basic Publisher concepts, including accessing the program and customizing some of Publisher's powerful features. Then we'll talk about how you can access and use Publisher's extensive online Help system. This is a handy tool for a beginner to know as you set off on your journey!


Friday - Lesson 02

Today, we'll get started with some of Publisher's basics. We'll explore some more of the concepts that you need to know before delving into a large project, including how to open, save, and close a file. Then we'll take a look at the various elements of the main Publisher workspace, including ribbon options and additional menus.


Wednesday - Lesson 03

Are you ready to have some fun? In this lesson, you'll see how to add and edit text, both directly in the program and by importing it from other documents. Then, you'll learn how to format text (including selecting the font, size, and color) and how to change paragraph alignment and line spacing. We'll also discuss how to set off special text by adding borders and fills to the text frame.



Friday - Lesson 04

In today's lesson, you'll learn how to punch up the creativity in your projects by adding graphics. We'll go over how to create and format drawing objects, as well as how to insert clip art and import picture files. Once you have the basics down, we'll dive into recoloring, resizing, cropping, rotating, and flipping graphics, tweaking them for just the right impact.


Wednesday - Lesson 05

It's time for you to discover how to create and work with tables in Publisher. You'll also learn how to apply and customize table borders; add shading, colors, and patterns; and merge and split cells.


Friday - Lesson 06

Today, we'll begin our two-lesson series on how to create an impressive professional newsletter in Publisher. We'll begin by going over some basic planning issues (the crucial first steps!), and then we'll continue with some layout tips. By the end of this lesson, you'll select or create a color scheme, develop a masthead, flow text onto a page, and then continue that text onto another page.


Wednesday - Lesson 07

You've done a lot with your newsletter already! Now, you'll wrap things up by learning how to use the Design Gallery to create a professional sidebar, format a drop cap, create a footer on the background, insert a picture, and group objects. When you finish, you'll have a snazzy newsletter to show for all your hard work.


Friday - Lesson 08

Today, we'll explore some common publications often used in business. You'll learn how to effectively design and create fliers, advertisements, and business cards. We'll also discuss local and online printing options for these publications.


Wednesday - Lesson 09

In this lesson, we'll explore some common Publisher templates that are often used at home: greeting card, postcards, letterhead, and certificates. Using available Publisher templates, you'll learn how to create pubs for personal use that will get the reaction you're looking for from friends and family!


Friday - Lesson 10

Publisher makes it easier (and cheaper!) than ever before for anyone to design professional-looking brochures in—literally—a matter of hours. In this lesson, you'll learn how to create a good brochure: from planning the content, to designing the cover, logo, and graphics, to placing and arranging your text.


Wednesday - Lesson 11

Today, you'll look at the basic process for preparing your publication for a commercial printer. We'll talk about the different printing processes and when to choose each type. We'll also discuss how easy and automatic Publisher makes transferring your publication's files to a format your commercial printer can use. You'll know exactly what you'll need to do to get the results you want.


Friday - Lesson 12

Publisher offers several ways for you to create consistent and professional publications for your organization. In our last lesson together, you'll learn how to create and use Custom Templates. We'll also discuss how to access the latest templates the Publisher user community has contributed.

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