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Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Certification Training


Learn basic to advanced skills in the Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 online program, while you prepare for certification. You’ll discover how to create and format presentations, how to apply transitions and animations, how to set up presentations, and more!  Offered in partnership with ed2go.


By completing the Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Online Training Program, you’ll:

  • Know how to create and customize presentations
  • Learn to format content
  • Become skilled in formatting illustrations, graphics, text, and text boxes
  • Learn to apply Animation and Transitions
  • Know how to insert and modify multimedia
  • Learn to share and secure presentations
  • Understand how to apply, create, remove, and modify Styles on text, shapes, and pictures

Students who wish to prepare for Microsoft Certification Exam 77-883: MOS: Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010, Using PowerPoint will find beginning through advanced lessons that demonstrate these required MOS topics.


  1. Beginning Microsoft PowerPoint
    • Getting Started: How to use the online course
    • P is for Paragraph: Entering text in presentations
    • Working with Text Boxes: Formatting Shapes and Themes
    • Picture, Picture: Formatting Pictures
    • Shapes and SmartArt: Formatting and Using SmartArt
    • Photo Albums and Views: Create a Photo Album
  2. Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint
    • Tables and Spreadsheets: Adding and Using Tables
    • Charts and Chart Tools: Adding and Formatting Charts
    • Reach for the Starts: Slide Masters and Transitions
    • Top Ten Reasons: Apply Animations
    • Animating Multimedia: Adding and Formatting Videos
    • Show Time: Delivering Presentations
    • Prepare to Share: Proof and Protect Presentations
    • Live! Online and in Print: Options for saving and sharing

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