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OMCP® Social and Mobile Marketing Professional (Voucher Included)


Learn how to build mobile and social marketing campaigns from start to finish. You'll master the different opportunities available, understand when to use the different channels and know the best way to reach people on the go. By the time you complete this program, you'll be fully prepared to further your career as a social media and mobile marketing focused digital marketer. Upon completion of your program, you’ll receive an exam voucher to take the Online Marketing Certified Professional (OMCP®) exam.


You will learn how to do the following tasks as they relate to social media and mobile marketing:

  • Understand the landscape of digital marketing
  • Leverage the most popular social media channels to further business goals
  • Establish an effective reputation management program
  • Build an effective mobile marketing campaign from start to finish
  • Leverage geo-fencing opportunities for SMS and MMS mobile campaigns
  • Write content that attracts attention


I.Introduction to Online Marketing

II.Digital Marketing Foundations

A.SEO Foundations

B.Social Media Foundations

C.Content Marketing Foundations

D.Conversion Optimization Foundations

E.Web Analytics Foundations

F.PPC Foundations

G.Mobile Marketing Foundations

H.Email Marketing Foundations

III.OMCP® Content Marketing Practitioner

A.What is Content Marketing?

B.Identifying Prospects

C.Writing Messages and Creating Content

D.Getting Your Message Into the Media

E.Becoming an Industry Expert

F.Content Strategy and Challenges

G.Measuring Results

H.Blog Marketing

I.Social Media Marketing Channels

J.Image Marketing

K.Video Marketing

L.Article and Press Release Marketing

M.Email Marketing

N.Event Marketing

O.B2B Marketing

IV.OMCP® Mobile Marketing Practitioner

A.Introduction to Mobile Marketing

B.Understanding Mobile Devices

C.Core Mobile Product and Service Offerings

D.Supplemental Products and Service Offerings

E.Mobile Advertising and Search

F.Incentives and Loyalty Programs

G.Combining Mobile with Other Channels

H.Mobile Marketing and Social Media

I.Location and Mobile

J.Mobile Rules and Regulations

K.Mobile Marketing Measurement and Analytics

L.The Mobile Website

V.OMCP® Social Media Practitioner

A.Introduction to Social Media

B.Creating a Social Media Strategy

C.Understanding Paid, Earned, and Owned Social Media

D.Social Sharing

E.Blogging for Business

F.Finding and Communicating with Influencers

G.Video and YouTube Marketing

H.YouTube Advertising

I.Social Networking and Facebook

J.Facebook Advertising

K.Microblogging and Twitter

L.Twitter Advertising

M.Online Reputation Management

N.Social Media Measurement

O.Social Medial Analytics

P.Pinterest Marketing

Q.Marketing through LinkedIn


VI.Paid Social Media Advertising Short Course

VII.YouTube Video Marketing and Advertising Short Course

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