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Urban Agriculture - An Environmental and Sustainable Alternative for Homeowners


Home gardens are nothing new.  During WW II, victory gardens were popular and in the 1960's there was a resurgence in, back-to-the-earth, holistic gardening.  As people became concerned about pesticides and hormones used in commercial food production, backyard gardens became more appealing. But, how do we live "green" in today's busy, urban society?  Join us and learn how to maximize your urban space for maximum production and perhaps start your own "cottage" business with the fruits of your labor.


Understanding urban agriculture

Tips for the, urban-land-locked homesteader to, "get growing"

Cottage industries  - how urban agriculture can translate into a business


Small scale - backyard gardening:

  • Raised beds
  • Grow up!
  • Grow down!

Maximize your space and dollars

  • Plant expensive, hard to find foods to economize
  • Consider year-round gardening

Not enough room for a small garden?

  • Grow in containers or window boxes
  • Consider hanging baskets
  • If feasible, a small greenhouse

Discussion of herbs

Stocking up - freezing, bottling or drying produce

Other ventures in homesteading - cottage industries to supplement income and output


None - desire to, "get back to the land," and live closer to nature

Method of Instruction

Lecture, visuals and class discussion; outside field trip


Exam:  No

Evaluation:  Class participation and attendance