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Planning Your Own Home Landscape Design


As you dream of the perfect home landscape design, what do you value most? Low-maintenance? Privacy? Play areas? Learn what questions to ask as you dig into the process of landscape design. This course will give you the tools and confidence you need to plan your own home landscape, whether it’s a new landscape or reclaiming one that no longer suits you. Site analysis, basic design principles, drawing and layout, suggested plants and more are covered in this informative class. *Please note:  Suggested supply list will include drafting/architectural tools. Suggested Supplemental Texts:  "Landscape Plants of the Southeast" by Halfacre/Shawcroft; Southern Living Landscape Book - 2000 by Steve Bender.


Learn to:

Plan and design a landscape from start to finish.

Understand site analysis.

Master schematic designs and tools required in the landscape design process.

Select the right plants for a home landscape design project.

Plan for the additional touches:  fencing, lighting, hardscapes, etc.


1. Introduction to Course Objectives

  • Base map presentation/site survey
  • Site analysis/site photography
  • Program requirements:  your "wish list"
  • Bubble diagrams
  • Plant materials/design elements
    • Schematic design/refinement
    • Final landscape design plan/details

 2. Getting Started

  • General drafting skills/tools               
  • Base map preparation from site survey
  • Site photography of existing conditions
  • Site inventory and analysis

 3.  What you Want and Where you Need it

  • Development of program requirements:  your "wish list"
  • Incorporation of program requirements with bubble diagrams
  • Principals of design:  form follows function

 4. What to Use and How to Use it/Store Tour

  • Plant materials
  • Paving materials
  • Fencing/screening
  • Site lighting
  • Site specialties
  • Introduction to Continuing Education courses

5. Putting it on Paper

  • Review of two residential landscapes
  • Schematic design/refinement
  • Plant schedules
  • Construction details



Method of Instruction

Lecture, slide presentations and field trip


  • Exam:  No
  • Demonstration of Skills: Yes
  • Class Participation: Yes