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Grow Your Own Food for the Spring Season


Enjoy this fun, lively, outdoor class on how to grow your own bountiful home food garden in the Charlotte region in an environmentally friendly way, without dangerous chemicals.  This informal six-session class will focus primarily on spring vegetables, along with flowers, herbs and selected fruit crops for the Carolina Piedmont. Hands-on classes in the garden teach you how to improve our soil, successfully transplant seedlings and sow seeds, manage your garden, harvest for top quality, make good compost and create a garden plan and calendar.  The overall approach is ecological, but the class will incorporate elements of organic gardening as well.  The objective is practical information you can use successfully in your own garden whatever approach you choose. 

Dress for gardening.  Good things to bring to class: gardening gloves and water to drink.


Learn to use ecological and organic gardening techniques successfully in your home garden in the spring and throughout the year in Charlotte and the Carolina Piedmont.


1. Introduction to spring organic and ecological gardening

  • Check in: introductions, objectives and sharing experiences; field trip to the garden 'lab'

 2. Warm season vegetables and flowers for the Piedmont; growing your own transplants

 3. Spring compost making and compost management and use; mulching

 4. Bed preparation, transplanting, spacing, watering, trellising and tending

 5. Spring and early summer ecology, weed and pest management

 6. The garden and landscape calendar, tasks and techniques; rotation, insectary plants, lawn care, spring pruning



Method of Instruction

Demonstration, class participation and hands-on learning


Exam:  No

Class attendance and participation:  Yes

Demonstration of skills:  Yes